Automate the time consuming trademark class analysis




Тime saver

Time is money. Spend time on the things you love and save time on the tried and tested translation, class identification and local availability


Smart Solution

A trademark class analysis should be the least of your worries. This solution helps you, provides you with suggestions, and assists you in identifying whether or not the classes you need are available in the local country.



We have tested it. The average time it took a new member of our team to learn how to use the platform is 5 minutes! Start the process now!


Want to register a trademark but not sure where to start, how to ask for a budget or what the process will cost you? After you create the trademark, the best place to start is to understand what classes your trademark falls under based on the nice classification of goods and services.


1. Search Keywords

Choose key words that describe your business


2. Match the Class

For each product or service you have entered, we will provide you with suggestions from the nice classification. Check the suggestion and choose the one which best suits your needs.


3. Create a report

Trademarks are jurisdictional rights, so you would have to decide what country to file the trademark in, and check whether the specific good or service chosen is available locally and finally translate the goods and services to local language to proceed with protection.

Meet the Team

We are experienced professionals who have been working in trademarks for more than 50 years combined. We got fed up of working on administrative matters which are very critical to our client’s success, so decided to create a platform to capitalize on our knowledge and help current and future intellectual property holders with their journey to obtain trademark registration.



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